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Omron Contact Sensors / Liquid Leakage Sensors

A wide range of Liquid Leakage Sensors such as Sensing Bands, Point Sensors, Chemical-resistance Sensors, and Sensors resistant to high temperatures. They are widely used in semiconductor production equipment and clean rooms.

Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifiers for Long-distance Wiring K7L-U_ / UD__
K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][]
Sensing Band/Liquid Leakage Point Sensor F03-16PE/16PT/15/16PS
Liquid Leakage Sensing Band F03-16SF/16SFC

OMRON Slot-type photomicro sensor products (Click below for data sheet)

  • K7L-U[]/UD[][] Ultra-miniature Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifier Enables Longest Liquid Leakage Monitoring Distance in Industry.
  • K7L-AT50[]/AT50D[][] Reliable Detection of a Wide Variety of Liquids Ranging from Water to Liquid Chemicals with Low Conductivity. 
  • F03-16PE/16PT/15/16PS A New Liquid Leakage Point Sensor Has Been Added to the K7L Series. Fluoroplastic Coating on the Bottom Electrode Ensures Chemical Resistance.
  • F03-16SF/16SFC Greater flexibility and superior workability compared with the F03-16PE.
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