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OMRON Displacement Sensors / Measurement Sensors

These Sensors can be used to measure distances and heights. A wide variety of models is available, including Laser Sensors, LED Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Contact Sensors, Eddy Current Sensors, and more.

Nano-level measurement resolution. Lineup of ultra-compact, white light confocal sensors and long-range-detection laser sensors.

Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor ZW Series
Omron_ZS Series
Smart Sensors 2D CMOS Laser Type ZS Series
Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor ZW-8000 / 7000 / 5000 Series
Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor Sensor Head ZW-SQ Series

OMRON High Precision Measurement Products

Smart Sensors designed to allow anyone to easily use advanced sensing performance. Even with laser, proximity, contact, and other sensing methods, operations are essentially the same.

Smart Sensors Laser Displacement Sensors CMOS Type ZX2
Smart Sensor Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier ZX1
(Laser Displacement & Measurement Sensors) ZX-L-N
Smart Sensors (Inductive Displacement Type) ZX-E
Sensors High-Precision Contact Type ZX-T

OMRON Displacement Sensors for Differentiation List

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