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OMRON Condition Monitoring Sensor

Omron Condition Monitoring Sensors and Amplifiers together. conditioning Sensors continuously monitor and display the “health status” of facilities and equipment, and detect abnormalities. The Amplifiers easily can connect various analog sensors for condition monitoring. 

E9NC-AA Status Monitoring Amplifier
IoT Flow Sensors E8FC
IoT Pressure Sensors E8PC

OMRON Condition Monitoring Sensor products (Click below for data sheet)

  • E9NC-AA/VA IoT Status Monitoring Amplifiers for General-purpose Analog Outputs Are Connectable to Various Sensors.
  • E8FC Detect Signs of Abnormalities in Cooling Water by Simultaneous Measurement of “Flow Rate + Temperature”.
  • E8PC Detect Signs of Abnormalities in Cooling Water and Hydraulic Oil by Simultaneous Measurement of “Pressure + Temperature”.
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