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OMRON Pressure sensor

With Pressure Sensors, changes in pressure can be measured to confirm suction, verify mounting, manage source pressures, and test for leaking. Differential Pressure Flow Sensors are also available.

E8F2 pressure sensor with LED display
E8Y Differential pressure sensor
E8FC Flow Rate + Temperature
E8PC Pressure + Temperature

OMRON Pressure sensor products (Click below for data sheet)

  • E8F2 Pressure Sensor with Easy-to-Read LED Display.
  • E8Y Micropressure Sensor with Easy-to-Read Digital Display.
  • E8FC Detect Signs of Abnormalities in Cooling Water by Simultaneous Measurement of “Flow Rate + Temperature”.
  • E8PC Detect Signs of Abnormalities in Cooling Water and Hydraulic Oil by Simultaneous Measurement of “Pressure + Temperature”.
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