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Production monitoring & eff. increase solution​

What we can do

  • We help you collect and analyze real time production data to identify the root causes of your OEE losses.
  • Improving your OEE will enable you to better utilize your production capacityimprove Productivity and increase Quality.
  • We help you reduce your Setup time, reduce down time and monitor slow cycles and small stoppages.
  • Your production lines information will be available to all levels of management through your Web Browser…

The Benefits

  • production reporting system, historical analytics, and browser-based live data—all included.
  • No software to install. Simply plug the XL into your LAN and it delivers instant plant floor performance data.
  • No changes to your process. It’s a “bolt-on” solution that easily connects to your existing process.
  • No waiting. Instant production reports delivered in Excel®, Word®, and CSV formats.
  • Live production data delivered directly to your desktop via a standard web-browser.
  • Motivates plant floor employees to meet and exceed goals with real-time performance feedback.
  • Eliminates time consuming and error-prone manual data entry.
  • Tracks 100+ metrics including OEE, Target, Performance to Takt, Rate and Down Time.
  • Exposes losses in real-time for immediate corrective action.
  • Shows if process is on target (green), slightly deviating (amber), or requires immediate attention (red).
  • Adapts to your process with intuitive browser-based configuration tools.
  • Field proven with thousands of installations across all major industries.
  • Self-deployed in about an hour.
  • Expert technical support.

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