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 WONDER Latest Products

Wonder Electric Motor(s) Pte Ltd is owned by Fuzhou Wonder. It was set up in August 2012. It is one of the Wonder Group of companies in Asia where Singapore is the headquarter of Asian Region. We have a warehouse of 1672 square meters and an office in Singapore. We keep full ranges of motors from 0.18KW to 315KW in various speed and types of mounting of stock value of almost 3.5million Singapore dollars.

Wonder Higher efficiency motors (HEMs) cost less to run than conventional motors. The savings they realise can quickly outweigh their additional cost to purchase, and ensure long term financial benefits.

By using Wonder IE3 motor saving energy each year paying back your additional investment cost. If you were upgrading from an IE1 or lower class motor the savings will be even more.

Motor Range: 0.18KW to 315KW

WE SERIES-IE2 MOTOR                                         Frame size: 80-355
Power: 0.75-315kw

SNA Series-NEMA premium                                  Frame size: 143-449T
Power: 1-300HP

AIR COMPRESSOR MOTOR                          Frame size: 0.18-315kw
Power: 0.18-315kw

WY SERIES-IE1 MOTOR                                       Frame size: 71-450
Power: 0.37-1000kw

WVF SERIES–Inverter duty motor                              Frame size: 80-355
Power: 0.55-315kw

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